If you are a serious waterfowler then a Layout Hunt needs to be on your bucket list. The Layout Hunt by Knock 'em Down will give you in your face action to get your heart pounding like never before.  Laying down at eye level with the birds on the open water is an experience for every waterfowler. If you looking for a  seaduck or diver hunt and want to experience a true tradition in duck hunting let knock ’em Down show you.

Knock 'em Down offers many field hunts.  A field hunts, for geese and duck, is an amazing experience that some hunters do not get the chance to do. In peak season Canada Geese and Mallard Ducks are the target species with a mix of Snows. If you’re not a big fan of the open water then a field hunt from Knock ’em Down is the hunt for you!

  Join the Knock ‘em Down crew on a traditional Long Island back bay hunt. The beautiful mashes along New York’s Long Island coast hold a large variety of migrating puddle ducks. Among the wide variety of waterfowl are the American Black Duck. Long Island is a major wintering grounds for Black Ducks and Knock ‘em Down take great pride in high success on harvesting these very temperamental birds on the Long Island back bay hunt.

  Knock ‘em Down specializes in back bay and open ocean sea duck hunts. Their knowledge of these birds will have you coming back for more season after season because they put you right on the X in peak migration. These hunts can be fast passed and very sporting as large flocks of birds commit to the hand carved cedar decoys. There are opportunities for shooting a mix bag on most days. Species taken on these hunts are Surf Scoter, Black Scoter, White Winged Scoter, Old sSquaw (Long Tailed Duck), Common Eider and the rarely taken King Eider.


  Come hunt the Atlantic Brant on the coastal shores of Long Island. Brant hunts are about the experiences. With Knock 'em Down you will hunt over large spreads of decoys where great numbers of birds committing to the spread. Hunts are fast paced and in your face action! NY has become the Atlantic Brant capital on the east coast. Let Knock 'em Down help you get the trophy of a life time.

  Knock ‘em Down specializes in many different types of waterfowling hunts. From the golden marshes of Long Island for American Black Ducks to the adventuress waters of the Alantic Ocean for sea ducks, Knock ‘em Down can provide a hunt for any avid waterfowler. Below is a list of hunt that are offerd.

Feild Hunts


Layout Hunt

Traditional back bay